"St Colman's College aims to be a Christian Community which respects all members of staff and nurtures each and every student to achieve maximum potential and to develop the whole person within a caring and respectful school"


St. Colman’s College, Claremorris is an all boys Catholic secondary school. It was founded in 1945 by Fr. John Colleran at the request of the local community. It is situated in its own grounds a mile from Claremorris. From its foundation, it has grown and developed to fulfil the changing needs and be a school for our time, a school for all our students and a school for all our community.

St. Colman’s is an all-ability school with the vision of giving a life-chance to every student. Teaching is arranged to suit students of different ages and abilities. Our care is for the development of the whole person, spiritually, academically, practically, physically, socially and culturally. To fulfil that aim we provide a wide choice of subjects and encourage everyone to participate in extracurricular activities.

Quality of teaching and learning is emphasised. High standards are expected and achieved. We are conscious that the future belongs to those who prepare for it. We attempt to nurture and develop the vision, the capacities and the enthusiasm of our students to take possession of their future and confidence.

Time in school is not just preparing for life; it is life for five or six years. School time is a time of living and growth. We start with the boy and finish with the young man. A good school should offer opportunities to enjoy life, to work, to play, to pray, to discover ones self-worth. A good school should be like a good home, where everyone belongs, everyone is accepted, encouraged, helped and given the chance of success and the space to grow. St. Colmans strives to be such an institution and is committed to the ideal of equality in all aspects of school life.

St. Colmans aim is to value every boy for himself and to help, encourage and challenge every boy to realise his self worth, experience success and achieve his full potential.


St. Colmans College was established in 1945 as a diocesan secondary school. The Archbishop of Tuam as the trustee is the guarantor that the school will be run in accordance with Catholic ideals and philosophy.


Since its foundation the school has endeavoured to maintain a Catholic ethos and promote the Christian values of the community it serves. It recognises the need to develop the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and cultural potential of all pupils. The curriculum includes formal religious instruction.


The purpose of the school is to help pupils to develop their personality and skills and to prepare them for living, for further education and for working life. The school aims to provide as wide a curriculum as possible, within the resources available, in order to cater for the aptitudes, interests and needs of the pupils.


Parents play a vital role in the progress of each student in the school. We expect that students are given the time and suitable environment for homework. Parents should ensure that students wear the correct uniform. They should also ensure that the necessary books are available, check that the homework given is attempted and sign the homework diary/notebook where necessary. The school recognises the need for parental involvement and support if it is to achieve its aims. This partnership policy is encouraged through the parents committee, regular parent teacher meetings and contact with individual parents. Parents and school are able to communicate regularly about a pupils progress by using the school diary/notebook. A Newsletter is produced and issued to parents intermittently. Progress reports are sent home at the end of October, January, Easter and in June. This school has an active and supportive Parents Council, elected every two years.


Students are ultimately responsible for their doing their homework, being on time for class and activities, having the necessary books and equipment and being of good behaviour. In addition to students having the right to a high quality education in an environment free from harassment and bullying, they also have the responsibility to treat each other, the teachers and ancillary staff with respect. They should also respect the school facilities and equipment. Senior students must accept more responsibility for their work and behaviour.

Student Council

As recommended by the Education Act, St. Colmans elects a Student Council, which represents the views of students and facilitates communication and activities within the school. It also adds to the feeling of belonging and ownership of the student body. See the Student Council Policy for further details.


Teachers see their role as being that of providing students with a professional and high quality educational service. Their role is to cover the relevant curricula, to ensure that all students are given and complete their homework and to foster a studious, caring and Christian atmosphere.

Community Links

The school has always benefited from the strong support of the local community. It welcomes community involvement. The involvement of staff and students with local communities and community participation in the life of the school has been enriching, beneficial for both sides. Programmes such as LCVP, LCAP and Transition Year encourage interaction with the community, businesses, other schools and local and state agencies.