Parents and guardians play a vital role in the progress of each student in the school. We expect that students are given the time and suitable environment for homework.

Parents should ensure that students wear the correct uniform. They should also ensure that the necessary books are available, check that the homework given is attempted and sign the homework diary/notebook where necessary.

The school recognises the need for parental involvement and support if it is to achieve its aims. This partnership policy is encouraged through the Parents Association, regular parent teacher meetings and contact with individual parents.

Parents and school are able to communicate regularly about a pupil’s progress by using the school diary/notebook. Progress reports are sent home at the end of October, January, Easter and in June. Parents are encouraged to make appointments to speak to management or relevant staff members if there are any issues. Information about activities, events and achievements are posted on the school’s Facebook page and the website ( from which there is a link to the Facebook page.

The school has a web text service through which it contacts parents and provides them with brief updates and notices. Please ensure that you have provided a mobile number to the school to receive this service.